Chandigarh's Leading Social Media Marketing Agency is Here for Your Service!

We are a leading Social Media Marketing company in Chandigarh offering significant results from a pool of creative experts. Focused on Social Media Marketing that can bring you close to your targeted and potential customers, we make it easier for you. We create appealing & informative social media posts to let you outshine.

Facebook Marketing

We understand that 85% active users are on Facebook – we make good use of it and create engaging Facebook Ads upon making enough research on the most active hours. Our expertise can become rewarding for your business.

Instagram Marketing

Being the second largest platform with 800 million users including your targeted audience, our creative heads design Instagram Ads to improve your business revenue. Grow Matrics brings good sales and leads through engaging contents.

Twitter Marketing

Why let go of the Twitter users when we can create attention-grabbing ads which are capable of grabbing your attention. We ensure you won’t lose your customers as Twitter Ads are equally powerful like any other social media platforms.

Linkedin Marketing

LinkedIn brings businesses closer to the professional audience. We make ads that help you to explore and expand the horizons. We connect with the professionals and build relationships by crafting appealing and informative contents.

Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat is relatively a new addition in the services. However, the effectiveness of using this social media platform is compared to that of Instagram and Facebook. Our creative minds work on creating great ads that makes Snapchat a powerhouse for generating quality leads.

Quora Marketing

Quora is the new addition in social media marketing that has the efficacy to reach more than 300 million people. We enable growth by creating Quora ads that help discovering your products and boost your buy.

How we work

At Grow Matrics, we chase and keep ourselves updated with the live feeds, latest trends and the technical resources to connect with the targeted audience. We fathom all social platforms and find out the right network to create appealing contents for an improved brand engagement. 


We work with varied clients with different business objectives and create campaigns after making a complete strategy. Our strategy is aligned towards offering results beyond your expectations.


Our innovative targeting methodology includes custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and audience expansion to meet the current market target. We also identify the targeted audience and market to maintain quality outcome.

Copy Writing

We take time to ponder your business message and staying true to your brand, we create messages that enable your customers to understand your quality and authenticity. We have a specialized team to ensure the quality.


We understand the constant urge of creativity in viewers. Staying abreast to the market needs, our expert team members create thumb-stopping and appealing creatives in the news feed that compel your users to have a look.


Launching social media campaigns is tough and knowledge is much needed to create such campaigns. Irrespective of being an existing or new account, trust our expertise as we have knowledge on the way to structure and launch them.

Optimization & Reporting

The key trick to maintain the top and keep your competitors behind is to choose the best optimization practices. Our team is diligent in analysing and possesses the expertise in implementing proven methods for improved results.